Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis is your secret weapon to perform at your best. Eliminate doubt and fear. Develop your unstoppable mindset. Activate your inner champion.

Winning your inner game is essential to being a peak performer. Our Seattle area Hypnosis expert Wendy Lynne coaches elite performers in her Bellevue Hypnosis office. Wendy has helped athletes all over the world develop mental toughness.

Praise for Wendy's Coaching

I have to tell you, the game I played went well, extremely well! I framed everything with good thoughts, why I love this game and then let my natural talents take over and just doing it. Overall, I felt great, I hit the ball hard and with authority. My defense in the field was spectacular too, in that I made a great catch in the blinding sun. Overall, I felt confident and at ease. 
I really got that good feeling back. Thank you! -- Mike B
Seattle Sports Hypnosis with Wendy Lynne

Wendy Lynne

Master Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Wendy Lynne is passionate about helping people break free from any fears that are holding them back to live a truly fulfilling and happy life. 

As a sports hypnosis coach, she helps you clarity what you truly want, inspires you to make any changes necessary to make that happen and then helps you map clear, manageable steps towards achieving your goals.

Wendy is a co-founder of the Mental Toughness Academy, which features coaching and motivation for sports performance.
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