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"Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment." -- Dr. Milton H. Erickson
Weight Loss

Lose Weight

Get the results you want without the struggle. Hypnosis for weight loss lets you reprogram your mind to eliminate damaging sugar cravings, feel satisfied without deprivation, and actually look forward to eating healthy and exercising. 
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smoking cessation

Stop Smoking

Break your harmful smoking habit. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you did it with the help of your own subconscious mind. Hypnosis for smoking cessation frees you from the shackles so you can live and breathe easier.
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Improve Your Game

Discover the secret weapon of elite athletes. Get out of self-induced stress slumps. Stop sabotaging your success. With hypnosis for sports performance, you'll be on top of your game getting the superior results you've been training for. 
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Weight Loss

Avoid Excess Alcohol

Take control of your drinking. Stop feeling embarrassed and impaired. Get back on solid ground with your subconscious mind as your ally. Hypnosis for alcohol cravings helps you live life with clarity and freedom.
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smoking cessation

Relieve Your Stress

Dissolve anxious feelings of worry, doubt, and fear. Eliminate system overload from nervous tension. Transform stress easily and effectively. With hypnosis for stress relief, you can feel centered, balanced and at peace.

Improve Self-Esteem

Transcend your fears. Live your dreams. Express your creativity. Enhance your relationships, career, and more with hypnosis. Hypnosis for self confidence lets you access the power of your mind to fully embody your best self.

Let us help you
transform your life.

Our skilled Seattle Hypnosis professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Making your life better is our priority. 
Visit our Hypnosis Kirkland office or our Hypnosis Bellevue office or schedule an phone or video conference session.

Experienced Seattle Area Hypnosis Professionals 
with offices in Bellevue and Kirkland
Our team has proudly helped thousands of people like you get the life changing benefits of hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking, enhance confidence, stop drinking alcohol, reduce stress, and improve sports performance.
While our Hypnosis offices are located in the Seattle area, we also work remotely via phone and Skype or Zoom session to save you time.

Our Kirkland Hypnosis office is conveniently located just off I-405.

"A session with you is like therapy on steroids." Susan in Kirkland

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