Need Help To Quit Smoking? The Quickest, Fastest and Easiest Way Is Using HypnosiscallnowredHave you recently asked yourself, why can’t I stop smoking when I know it’s not good for me?

The answer is: because your unconscious mind (UCM) is much stronger than your conscious. Even though we all know that smoking is dangerous, your UCM has erroneous programming that smoking is good for you!

If you were to ask smokers what they get from smoking, most will tell you that they get stress relief. This is because the UCM has linked stress relief to smoking and therefore brings up powerful compulsions to reach for tobacco. The UCM cannot run the body properly when it is in a stressed state and will therefore resort to just about anything to get the person to relax.

This all begins when you started smoking when you were a teenager. Do you remember what the number one stress is for teens? It’s fitting in and finding community. When teens don’t have that, they shoot other kids at school, they commit suicide, they resort to drugs, alcohol, cutting and fall into depression.

So what happens is the teen is invited to take a puff by a peer and as soon as that invitation is accepted and acted on, the teen is welcomed into a group or a friendship. The smoking is what they have in common and binds the kids.

Since we are “in hypnosis” much of the time when we are in our teens, this message that smoking = stress relief goes right down into the UCM. The teen reinforces this every time he has a smoke with his new friend or group and then continues this into adulthood on coffee breaks with co-workers or at the bar after work.

Tobacco and marijuana are not addictive!

Before you can be successful at quitting your smoking habit, you must adopt the idea that you are only mentally addicted to smoking. There are no studies out there that show tobacco as physically addicting. Physically addicting substances will cause the body to shut down in withdrawal. Opiate derivates such as heroin or morphine are examples of this.

If you got side-effects from your efforts to stop smoking in the past, it’s solely because of the power of your mind driving you to continue smoking and not because nicotine is addictive.

Thousands of people quite smoking every day with no physical effects. You can too when you de-program your unconscious mind and accept hypnotic stress relief techniques to replace the need for tobacco or marijuana.

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I was on a mission to get right with myself and conquer that crappy hollow feeling that causes all my problems.

Wendy threw me some curve balls and forced me to think outside of what seems to be the norm. I welcomed your outlook and ideas, because “the norm” wasn’t working fast enough for me. I also liked the way you challenged my thoughts. I needed that in my life.

Thanks to you after 40+ years of smoking I can finally say I am a nonsmoker and it feels great.  No more hiding, no more coughing, no more sore throats.  I can simply be outdoors and enjoy it. ~ James Parker