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Medical Studies Prove Hypnosis Works for Pain Relief

In 2006, the Radiological Society of North American presented results of a study at their annual conference.  They found that women who were guided into a state of hypnotic relaxation during biopsy experienced less pain and anxiety during the procedure.

callnowredIn another study done in 2005 the researches found that volunteers under hypnosis experienced significant pain reduction in response to painful heat. They also had a distinctly different pattern of brain activity (according to MRI testing) compared to when they were not hypnotized and experienced the painful heat. The changes in brain activity suggest that hypnosis somehow blocks the pain signal from getting to the parts of the brain that perceive pain.

According to the M.D., Ph.D, assistant clinical professor of anesthesia and author of the study:

“The major finding from our study, which used MRI for the first time to investigate brain activity under hypnosis for pain suppression, is that we see reduced activity in areas of the pain network and increased activity in other areas of the brain under hypnosis,”

Hypnosis extremely works extremely well for pain relief!
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