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Everybody knows somebody who has or is still struggling with weight. The typical person has lost and gained back tens and even hundreds of pounds of weight over the course of their life.  Why does this happen?

The lure of a quick fix. Let’s face it. We all want fast, instant results. We want it now and we want it to be cheap. I have much copywriting experience and could write a sales page that makes those types of claims right here but I won’t do it because it is not ethical for a serious therapeutic practice. You don’t see doctors putting out ads promising to “cure” you of this or that do you? You didn’t become overweight in a short time; long-term weight loss success doesn’t happen overnight either.

Advertising that makes a program seem so “real” or “genuine.”  After all, how could a large company with employees, an advertising budget, maybe even commercials on TV and radio exist if it weren’t successful?

The answer is…they are usually successful, but only temporarily. Less than 5% of all clients keep their weight loss after 2 years in these programs, right here in Seattle. This is the dirty little secret in the weight-loss industry. Our weight loss hypnotherapy program is designed to overcome those stats.

“Working the program with you has also transformed me. Looking back on when we started, I would have never thought that I would love eating healthy as I do now and lose 20 pounds doing it! My cravings for those fattening foods have just vanished. Thanks for all your help and I am telling all my friends about you.”~Nicole Wexler, Redmond WA

What’s the answer then?

The answer is in getting in control of your emotions.

None of those programs do that properly and people just end up gaining back all of that weight loss they had from that “temporary” program.

The 6 Mental and Emotional Roadblocks to Weight Loss

  • Commitment
  • Discomfort
  • Inner Control
  • Perfectionism
  • Secondary Gain
  • Stress
“With hypnotism I was able to eliminate my cravings for chocolate, cookies, cake and anything sweet. I was skeptical at first, but after my first session the cravings were gone! It is amazing and I am so excited. Working with Craig has been a delight, right from the beginning he made me feel comfortable. He is encouraging, helpful and truly wants to help you on your life’s journey. So far, I have lost over 54 lbs and still releasing the weight.” ~R. Jones, Everett, WA

Long-term weight loss is a tricky thing. You cannot do a cookie-cutter approach. Yes, there are some valuable tips that apply to just about everyone who wants to lose weight. Here are a few ideas that I teach all of my clients that are absolutely necessary to create a mindset of a slender person.

1. There is no deprivation. If you have the idea that you can’t have something or have to “give up” a food item, then guess what? You’ll want it even more.  My clients enjoy training themselves to love foods and eating so that they get joy and pleasure out of their food…AND lose weight and improve their health.

2. You MUST first love your body as it is this very moment. Your body is your unconscious (subconscious) mind. This is that inner part of your mind that regulates your emotions. If you don’t love your body, you don’t love your own mind and it will be difficult to change it.

3. Recognize emotional vs. physical hunger. Once you can do this, then you can begin to unravel the reasons why you eat for emotional reasons and eliminate them.

4. Clear your emotional baggage through hypnotherapy. Everyone has this. Sometimes we call it “stuff” as a technical term : -) As you do this, then your emotions come up for the right reasons.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Works!

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“Wanted to send this first thing…You are reaching me. This is reaching me. I am ecstatic! Your presentation is just absolutely excellent and you make me feel so good just connecting with you. In terms of the “work” I am doing through this program, I am noting “triggers” toward levels of eating and drinking I don’t want to do anymore. It is like I am taking a college course learning about myself for the first time. I feel like I am finally breaking down some very old and tired barriers. I am for some of the first time “feeling” that my “conscious” mind IS doing some controlling now for WHAT I WANT. I am just so pleased with this feeling. Stacy Rapp, Woodinville, WA

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