Are you having trouble with:

  • Procrastination and not getting things done on time?
  • Making cold calls?
  • Spinning your wheels, working too hard and not getting anywhere?
  • Dealing with the massive stress and pressure you’re under?
  • Coming up with innovative ideas to attract customers and grow your business?
  • Getting employees to work with you instead of against you?
  • Fear of speaking, networking or making presentations?
  • Lack of confidence and self-doubt in job-hunting and interviewing?
  • Indecision about career or job choices?callnowred

Many people believe that they can use willpower and hard work to overcome anything in business. Much of the time this is true and I’m all for that. The only problem is that willpower alone doesn’t last long term. When there is a battle between the conscious and the unconscious minds, the unconscious always wins.

If you shake and break out in a cold sweat at the thought of interviewing, speaking or networking, then you have unconscious programming that will override any motivations to succeed.

Sara Crawford, Mercer Island, WA

If you have been at a certain earnings ceiling for too long now, then it’s very likely that your internal money thermostat is set there. Your unconscious will bring up feelings and thoughts that stop you from doing the things you need to do to move up the ladder or bring in more clients. Your unconscious mind doesn’t care about your happiness. It just runs the programs.

If your programming is such that it’s not Ok for you to be wealthy, then it will do everything it can to help you get rid of that money or keep you from earning it in the first place. A prime example of this is lottery winners who lose everything and destroy their life because of this programming.

Performance = Potential – Interference

This is the formula for achievement and it’s a simple one. In my office, you clear your interference and learn how to get into the ZONE so that your potential emerges. You then unleash your creativity and attract the business deals and people to you that gets you there.

Listen, I get what you’re going through.. I’ve worked in corporate America since I was 18.

I was a Fortune 500 manager (Fedex) of a location with 50 employees with production in the tens of millions a year. I worked 60+ hours a week managing personnel, government regulations, operations, etc… all under hourly, daily and monthly deadlines…and the threat of: “Get it done on time or we’ll find someone who will.” I know stress very well and it almost killed me.

Don’t let stress ruin your health and personal life!

While I was hiring, firing and training adults, underneath it all, I still felt like that little kid who was picked on…and it hampered my leadership abilities and effectiveness as a communicator.

Today, I run my own show and started from absolute scratch. I love speaking to groups, networking, writing and creating products that change people’s lives for the better. I jump on opportunity and constantly look to improve myself and my client’s experience. Nothing is hard, everything is possible and doing business is FUN!

Come on, get on board and follow my lead in discovering how easy it is to crush those imaginary obstacles and be a powerful businessperson who can also balance career with an enjoyable lifestyle.

You have it within you and I know how to help you find it…call me

“Raise your energy, attract more people, and bill them when they show up.” Stuart Wilde